Buffalo Seminary

Young Women Discover Their Strengths and Passions at Buffalo Seminary

Buffalo Seminary, Where Girls Can Thrive

An Olympic basketball coach, an Oscar-nominated sound engineer, a fashion designer, the president of a university, and a New York Times bestselling author are all graduates of Buffalo Seminary (SEM).

At Buffalo Seminary there are no uniforms and no gender competition, just a non-denominational community of about 200 young women and faculty who are ready to change the world.

Director of Admission, Laura Munson said, “We’re looking to help build the whole young woman, not just a smart kid who can take a test and do well, but to get to her essential self, to reach her fullest potential. Who is she? What is she looking for, and how can we help her get there?”

Buffalo Seminary Guides Students to Find Their Passions

Academics are at the core of this historic day and boarding school’s curriculum. A capstone project that starts freshman year guides students to find their interests and explore how they can translate them into careers. Those careers can be further explored through a STEAM —science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics—curriculum that makes use of top-of-the-line laptops (which are given to each student), robots, and a 3D printer and virtual reality lab which are all used to transform visions into prototypes.

A Well-rounded Education Nurtures Holistic Growth

A close campus community makes it easier for students to find the space to develop their self-confidence and leadership skills. Classes have at most a 5:1 pupil to teacher ratio and include instructional seminars and discussions for humanities courses (using the Harkness Table technique of seminar-style learning). Daily all-school gatherings, clubs, community service activities, and award-winning sports teams all contribute to a sense of community across grades to compliment the well-rounded SEM education.

Said Munson, “Girls here have each other’s backs, they support each other, and that is across grade levels, which is unique for a high school, as others tend to be rigidly stratified. We are a very tight-knit community.”

A Community of Understanding at Buffalo Seminary

 Students who live at Buffalo Seminary find they have joined one big family. Girls live together in historic homes with faculty house parents, and English learners will find an enhanced sense of self-assuredness through full English immersion with native speakers. The school’s unique English Language Learner support program includes orientation to American culture, high school, and living and learning at Buffalo Seminary (norms, expectations, study skills, and time management).

Check out a virtual tour of the school and the dorms here!


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School Details


Buffalo, New York, USA

Exam(s) accepted

SSAT (Standard Online Application)

Offers ESL Assistance

English Language Learner Support and Cultural Acclimatization

English language Exam(s) accepted

TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge Exam, iTEP

Admissions Deadline


Yearly tuition, room & board

$51,250 USD plus fees

Types of Financial Aid available

Academic, Payment Plans, Need-based

Links to info on Financial Aid


% of students receiving Financial Aid


% of International students


Top Universities of Matriculation

Yale University, University of Toronto, Boston University, New York University, Brown University

Notable Alumni

Tara Vanderveer, Elizabeth Swados, Lauren Belfer, Mara Hoffman

Total Number of students


Student Gender

All Girls