Oaks Christian School

Cultivating Future Leaders

Oaks Christian School is preparing minds for leadership and hearts for service. This is achieved through staff and faculty who are dedicated to academic excellence, artistic expression and athletic distinction. The intention of Oaks Christian is for all students to become academic achievers, effective communicators, and compassionate citizens while being spiritually minded and involved individuals.

Opportunities for Discovery

Imaginations and academic passions thrive through the school’s courses in the arts, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), and entrepreneurship. For example, the year-long International Space Station program with NASA has given scholars the opportunity to create experiments to be used in space since 2010.

Students are challenged to communicate both with the written word and verbally. The school’s English courses push students to defend their point of view while respecting the viewpoints of others. Oaks Christian students graduate knowing their voice and how to use their thoughts and words to make an impact.

Future trailblazers can take the school’s innovation class, where business leaders mentor young scholars during a year-long university-approved course. Students build self-confidence and professional networks, as they focus on product design, marketing strategy, and pitching a startup idea.

Last year, students launched a coffee shop on campus called Catalyst Coffee. This coffee shop delivers a superb brew while helping students fund mission trips. Students work their shifts and their “wages” are used to support the mission trip of their choice.

Thriving in the Arts

Oaks’ arts programs have won 11 National Youth Art awards and Los Angeles-area awards and it comes as no surprise why. Students’ artistic expression is nurtured as they dance, paint, act, sing, create films, and shoot photography to explore their creativity. The school’s performing arts department has had partnerships with Sony Music and recently began a pilot where Oaks musicians are paired with Sweden-based student musicians to collaborate on a joint concert.

An Incubator for Academic Success

Young scholars are given even more ways to pursue their interests during educational trips to Italy, Israel, Belize, and Borneo.

These trips—and a small classroom size of no more than 18 learners on campus—help the approximately 1,300 scholars from 17 countries each year form close bonds with teachers and fellow students. Academics are significant with more than 19 AP courses and alumni with a 96% college acceptance rate.

Preparation for Life

Being well-rounded also means preparing young adults to be part of a community. The school—located 40 miles west of Los Angeles—follows core Christian values with an emphasis on spiritual development.

Homestays and mission trips help students see themselves as part of a larger global ecosystem with the power to make important contributions.

Community and leadership is also formed through the school’s 46 nationally recognized athletic teams, mock trial, speech, debate, the TedEx committee, school-wide leadership opportunities, and a wide range of student-led clubs. With numerous avenues for growth, Oaks Christian alumni are prepared to make an impact. As one student said: “It’s a life preparatory school.”

School Details


Westlake Village, California, USA

Offers ESL Assistance


English language Exam(s) accepted

TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge Exam, iTEP

Admissions Deadline


Fixed Admissions Deadline

February 1, 2018

% of International students


Top Universities of Matriculation

University of Southern California, Princeton, John Hopkins, Cornell, Columbia

Notable Alumni

Robert Baehr, Cassius Marsh, Veronica Dunne, Aurora Griffin, Melissa (Dahl) Mykulak

Total Number of students


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