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North America and Latin America: Student Exchange Partnerships

One of the most enriching experiences a student can have prior to university is studying in a different country. The benefits of learning a new language, culture, and problem solving on one’s own are undeniable in forming well-rounded students poised for success in today’s global environment.

While many students wait until university to study abroad, an increasing number of boarding schools offer the opportunity to study abroad via programs lasting one week to one year. These opportunities are largely due to partnerships that exist between North American boarding schools and boarding schools across the globe.

Given the successful models for exchange partnerships that exist between North America and places like China and Europe, many North American schools are seeking the opportunity to build similar partnerships with schools in Latin America.

BBR Education spoke with a few of these schools and we’ve listed them below. Each school can be reached directly through the contact form on their page to begin forming relationships.

The Durham Catholic District School Board, which offers a robust program for international students interested in studying in Canada, is well-poised for further international partnerships. Agents, schools, and families in Latin America are encouraged to contact the School Board regarding educational opportunities in one of the world’s safest environments.

Shady Side Academy in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is one school leading the way in international exchange opportunities for high school students. Shady Side offers student exchange partnerships with secondary schools in France, Spain, China, and Germany. Two- or three-week exchange programs are provided based on family-to-family reciprocity, which is an exciting way for students to be fully immersed in new language and culture. Students can also choose to study for a full year abroad. Shady Side Academy is interested in setting up similar partner agreements in Latin America as well.

Check out recent study abroad experiences at Shady Side Academy:

Buffalo Seminary, a nondenominational school for girls in western New York, is seeking student exchange partnerships with all-girls’ schools in Latin America. SEM is known not only for academics but for helping each student reach their full potential with low student-teacher ratios, a family-like campus community, and a leading curriculum including internships, the Harkness teaching method, and Capstone projects.

Camden Catholic High School in Cherry Hill, New Jersey has a long history of welcoming Latin American students. Unlike other boarding schools, students at Camden Catholic have the option to take online courses, have access to 11 AP programs, and can participate in Camden’s Leadership Academy. Camden Catholic is interested in forming partnerships with Latin American high schools for student exchange.

Many of the schools featured in this guide would be excited to create partnerships in Latin America. If you read about a school which looks like a good fit with your institution, please contact the school for more information!

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