Rothesay Netherwood School

Rothesay Netherwood School—Challenging Students to be Leaders with a Global Perspective

Offering World-class Learning Experiences in a Community-centered Environment at Rothesay Netherwood School

Founded in 1877, Rothesay Netherwood School is an independent, co-educational boarding and day school for grades 6 to 12 that offers innovative, world-class learning experiences in a safe and caring Atlantic Canadian school community. The school challenges students to be active, compassionate leaders with a global perspective and the determination to make a difference.

Outstanding Academics—International Baccalaureate (IB) at Rothesay Netherwood School

The school’s academic program is a challenging and comprehensive university preparatory experience, yet flexible enough to accommodate each individual student. Providing the support necessary for students to succeed is the hallmark of an RNS education, allowing them to gain the skills, confidence, and independence necessary to be successful in their future endeavours. Rothesay Netherwood School is an IB World School and its program challenges students to excel in their studies, while encouraging both personal and academic achievement.

The Rothesay Netherwood School Community

The campus at Rothesay Netherwood School has a warm, welcoming, and inclusive atmosphere which is based on a strong sense of community and respect. It is a small school by design with only 275 students from grades 6 to 12. The reason for this is to forge relationships between students and the teachers. The school knows that students perform better for teachers who know them well and have a connection with them. Students have the opportunity to live and study in a safe environment where intellectual curiosity, academic achievement, and effort are highly valued.

At Rothesay Netherwood School, 80% of the staff live on the campus and know each and every student by name. There is one teacher for every six students and this allows for a superior learning environment. The staff knows when a student needs to be pushed or challenged or when they need support and guidance. The school does this to get the best out of each and every student so they can reach their maximum potential. 

Opportunities at Rothesay Netherwood School

Commented a parent about the co-curricular programming, “You clearly think you are a much bigger school than you actually are with all the opportunities you have for the students.”Students can truly do it all at Rothesay Netherwood School; the more involved they are, the richer their school experience is. These offerings complement the stellar academic program.

The school provides opportunities to develop the whole student through athletics which start at the introduction level and continue to Varsity teams. Some other co-curricular opportunities include Outward Bound activities, local service projects, student exchanges, Round Square International service projects, and the Duke of Edinburgh Program. Additionally, the school has numerous clubs ranging from band and choirs to Model UN and STEAM. At Rothesay Netherwood School you can do it all!

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Rothesay, New Brunswick, Canada

Exam(s) accepted

None Required

Offers ESL Assistance


English language Exam(s) accepted

None Required

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Types of Financial Aid available

Academic, Diversity / International, Needs Based

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% of International students


Top Universities of Matriculation

University of Toronto, McGill University, Queen's University, Dalhousie University and Cornell University

Notable Alumni

John Peters Humphrey, principal author of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. James Irving, leading member of the Irving family and head of the J.D. Irving pulp and paper and shipbuilding. Arthur Irving, leading member of the Irving family and head of Irving Oil. Gordon Fairweather, leading Canadian lawyer and politician. Derek Oland, CEO and majority owner of Moosehead Brewery, the largest 100% Canadian-owned brewery.

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+1 (416) 970-1993