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Boarding Schools Put Safety First and Parents’ Minds at Ease

Sending your child abroad for school can be daunting since it’s oftentimes the first time they’ve lived away from home. As a parent, you’re faced with many decisions and oftentimes, you’re left with questions and concerns—safety usually being high on the list.

BBR Education interviewed some North American boarding schools that make student well-being their top priority, and came up with five reasons to put your mind at ease.

1. Because Schools Have Safety Plans

Boarding schools often have a campus security team, which is in contact with local authorities. At Tilton School the security plan includes residential staff to supervise dormitories in the evening, an electronic check in system for after hours and weekends, and extra campus security at night.

Tilton uses key cards to restrict entrance to residence halls. Not even the school mascot, Rusty the Ram, can get in without an access card.

2. Because Everyone Lives on Campus Together

Boarding schools are small communities with staff and their families residing on campus alongside students. BBR Education asked the Asheville School Director of Admissions, John Smith, to tell us how this plays out.

Said Smith, “A majority of the faculty live here on campus so we all enjoy the same shared space. If families are going to entrust us with their most prized possession, their child, we take that responsibility very seriously.”

For more information about the Asheville community, click here. To get in contact with school administrators or to request info, click here.

3. Because Parents Get Involved

Boarding school implies being away from home, but there’s still space for parents to have a say. And when parents are involved, you can bet they’re going to prioritize safety.

At Indian Mountain School, the Parents Association enriches and supports the campus community by planning events and communicating with the faculty and parents. Check out their page to see how you could contribute.

Even if you’re not local, many schools offer an online portal for families to access the school calendar, class pages, and assignments. Boarding parents stay connected to their children with emails throughout the week and weekly phone calls. Free video chatting software like Skype and Facetime is an ideal option for international families.

4. Because Values Are Respected

Honor Code. Core Values. Code of Conduct. Each school has something in place to keep students safe and parents happy. All boarding schools enforce zero tolerance policies for drugs and alcohol.

Lexington Christian Academy emphasizes partnership, faith, respect, and honesty. With values like these at the forefront, you can rest easy knowing your child is in good hands.

5. Because Location is Everything

New England is home to many boarding schools, which is great because the region has some of the safest states in the US.

Indian Mountain School’s Head of School, Jody Reilly Soja, told BBR Education about her school’s ideal location: “We are in a very rural area of Connecticut, so very safe, and we also have 600 acres that our school sits on. There are plenty of adults around but they get to play outside in nature— the way that kids are meant to play.”

And Indian Mountain School is not alone; boarding schools are usually located outside metropolitan areas in North America, providing a secure place for young people to explore, learn, and grow.

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