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Progressive Ideals for a Bright Future at Solebury School

Solebury School, Where Passions and Talents are Nurtured

Since its founding in 1925, Solebury School has been a leader in progressive education with an emphasis on interdisciplinary teaching and experiential learning — with none of the traditional formalities of boarding school, such as the freedom to learn and live without an enforced dress code. The goal on campus is to help students have a keen awareness of their passions and talents and to nurture them in a supportive and welcoming environment.

Solebury School’s Progressive Education

Academics at Solebury School are designed to work within students’ strengths and interests. A wide variety of Advanced Placement, honors, and specially tailored courses for students who may need extra support in math and languages help meet everyone’s needs.

Electives are as important as core academics at Solebury School. For example, arts courses span visual, music, theater, and dance and are taught by practicing artists. Course schedules for electives are staggered to make it possible for students to enroll in multiple arts subjects at once. Athletics are also a core component of a full day at at Solebury School.

A Global Community Perspective

Students who have a deep interest in international issues can choose to declare a Global Education Concentration — a unique Solebury School program that is available to 9th and 10th graders and follows the Global Goals for Sustainable Development as set by the United Nations. The concentration includes requirements such as world languages, service learning, and travel immersion trips.

Solebury School’s Teach2Serve is a program for two trimesters, or up to two years, that gives students a chance to study while giving back to the community by combining academics and fieldwork. The program emphasizes social entrepreneurship skills, with projects such as starting a tutoring program in an urban elementary school, or raising awareness about local food insecurity.

A Welcoming Campus

New Hope, Pennsylvania is the setting for Solebury School, a spacious, rural campus, located only an hour and a half from New York City and Philadelphia—providing ample opportunities to experience the excitement of the Big City. The campus is surrounded by rolling hills and state parks, and students can participate in outdoor adventures that are designed to help them build confidence while seeing the natural beauty of the United States during trips spanning an afternoon to a few days. Students with all levels of wilderness experience are invited to explore the great outdoors and be inspired by a sense of peace and well-being.

School Details


New Hope, Pennsylvania

Exam(s) accepted

SSAT (Standard Online Application)

Offers ESL Assistance


English language Exam(s) accepted

TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge Exam, ELTIS, TOEFL Jr - Only one test of English language is needed

Admissions Deadline


Yearly tuition, room & board

$59,750 (Boarding) $41,750 (Day)

Types of Financial Aid available

Solebury School Scholarship for Global Citizens

% of International students


Top Universities of Matriculation

Brown University, CAL Arts, Case Western Reserve University, Cornell University, Georgetown University, Harvard University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Lehigh University, University of Miami, Michigan State University, New York University, Pennsylvania State University, Purdue University, UCLA, University of Pennsylvania, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, The University of Edinburgh, Yale University

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