St. Michaels University School

Attend Boarding School in Canada and Cultivate Your Full Potential

Do you want to attend Boarding School in Canada? Check Out Globally Recognized St. Michaels University School.

Located in the center of the west coast city of Victoria, Canada, St. Michaels University School (SMUS) is a coed school with a global reputation for academic excellence. Victoria is the capital of the province of British Columbia and is known for its beauty, safe streets, and the mildest winters in the country. For students looking to attend high school in Canada, SMUS has many offerings to consider.

Attending Boarding School in Canada: The Benefits of Studying at SMUS

At SMUS, students from around the world are challenged by an extensive curriculum, including Canadas most established Advanced Placement program offering 27 courses. Intellectual stimulation combined with exceptional athletics, arts, and leadership programs make SMUS the place where motivated students cultivate their full potential in everything they do. The schools four, full-time dedicated university counsellors support its central mission of preparation for university and for life.

In June 2018, 152 students graduated from SMUS and were accepted to 668 universities from around the world. A total of $2.9 million in scholarships were offered to graduates.

Diversity and Opportunity at SMUS

Boarding at SMUS is available from grades 8 to 12. In addition to North American boarders, students from 25 other countries call SMUS home. For those requiring English Language support, there is an ESL program for students in grades 9 and 10.

Grade 10 is a special year at SMUS as it is called the Experiential Year. It is a unique and exciting blend of academics and real-world experiential projects. It is an opportunity for students to find out more about themselves. Grade 11 is when students are given the opportunity to delve deeper into subject areas. Students can elect from a wide selection of courses.  

What is it like to Attend Boarding School in Canada at SMUS?

There are many advantages to boarding at SMUS: being surrounded by smart people, a boarding school in the city, exceptional preparation for university, west coast lifestyle, and having a lot of Canadians in the classroom. SMUS admissions travels to South and Central America several times per year to meet with families and test students with completed applications.

Begin the journey by taking the campus virtual tour and contacting admissionswhere in addition to English, Portuguese and Spanish are spoken. SMUS looks forward to meeting new students who are ready to attend high school in Canada and cultivate their full potential.

SMUS is coming to you!

Ms. Alexis Lang Lunn, Assistant Director of Admissions, is available for private meetings in Brazil and Mexico during the following dates. Email her directly to make an appointment.

Brazil: September 21 – 30, 2018

Mexico: October 10-17, 2018

School Details


Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Exam(s) accepted

SSAT (Standard Online Application), SMUS tests (via skype and in person)

Offers ESL Assistance


English language Exam(s) accepted


Admissions Deadline


Yearly tuition, room & board

$66,100 Canadian Dollars

Types of Financial Aid available

Financial Assistance is available for all families to apply. It is need based.

Links to info on Financial Aid

% of students receiving Financial Aid


% of International students

57% outside North America

Top Universities of Matriculation

McGill, University of Toronto, Harvard, Stanford, London School of Economics

Notable Alumni

Steve Nash, NBA All Star

Total Number of students

588 in grades 9-12 (Senior School)

Student Gender