The Franciscan Difference at St. Francis High School

At St. Francis High School, You Will Develop Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

A Holistic Philosophy and Rich Tradition at St. Francis High School

Since 1926, Franciscan values have guided students at St. Francis High School. These principles are rooted in the philosophy of Conventual Franciscans, which dates back to the 13th century, and views education as a relationship among God, others, and a global community. As a student at St. Francis High School, you will develop your identity and place in the world, with a focus on self-discipline and respect and compassion for others.

Why Choose an All-male School?

You may be wondering why you should consider an all-male high school like St. Francis? One reason is because some studies have found that separating boys and girls in the classroom during middle and high school makes it easier for boys to develop social skills during adolescence. Studying with other young men also gives you an opportunity to form close friendships in a kind of “brotherhood,” as Nicholas Horwood, a graduate of St. Francis High School and the school’s Director of Admissions sees it.

“You become a part of a brotherhood that encourages involvement in all areas of school life,” said Horwood. “In a public school, so often we see that boys will suppress some interests because they feel they need to present a masculine personality, attempting to mask insecurities.”

Exceptional Arts and Athletics

You’ll find that the school has a strong athletic focus—including football, basketball, and hockey—and is equally strong in the arts, with a variety of required and elective courses. The St. Francis philosophy views the arts as a way to help you develop a wide range of interests and to pursue activities like participating in a spring musical, award-winning jazz ensemble, choir, or even jewelry courses.

Horwood noted a hockey star who took painting classes and went on to study art in college, and a starting offensive lineman from the football team who is in the chorus.

St. Francis High School Leads Young Men to College Success

As a college preparatory school, St. Francis High School’s first priority is your academic success. Horwood has heard from recent graduates that the school has given them the education and confidence that they needed to excel as college students. The Paduan Scholars program is for exceptionally gifted students, and can help you reach your full potential, with independent study projects and activities outside of the classroom to enrich your other course work.

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