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The Benefits of Academic English Programs (AEP)

Academic English Programs can Bring your English Up to Speed, Helping you Excel in your Classes

Most students, regardless of their age or country of residence, can agree on one thing: succeeding academically requires work. At the university level, students around the world juggle tasks like writing papers, completing homework, understanding the key points of a lecture, taking notes, collaborating with peers on group projects, taking final exams and more. We don’t need to point out, that if you’re planning to study in the US, you’ll be completing these tasks in English!

Fortunately, regardless of your current English level, robust systems exist in American universities to bring your English up to speed, allowing you to excel academically. Whether you’re applying to an undergraduate program directly from high school or to a graduate program after a few years of work, you can find an Academic English Program (AEP) suited to your needs.

Start at your level

Most Academic English Programs require you take a test either when you apply or when you arrive to determine your current English level. You are then placed in the corresponding level within the AEP so you can study alongside peers with similar ESL needs. Phew!

University credit

Many schools offer the ability to take actual university courses which count towards your degree, alongside your English language courses. Within the more advanced levels of an Academic English Program, this is a great way to first build your English skills and then integrate yourself into American university courses.

What you’ll learn in an Academic English Program

At the beginner levels of most AEPs, students are taught basic language skills such as listening comprehension, reading, grammar, writing, pronunciation, and vocabulary development (to name a few). These skills will help you to understand what exactly your teacher is talking about, how to read your homework assignments, and follow along in university textbooks. You’ll learn the correct English grammar for writing papers and learn words and phrases used in an academic setting.

At the more advanced levels of an Academic English Program, students learn academic skills meant to help them succeed in today’s American university environment (skills for school specifically). Academic English Programs teach students how to take notes, study, and take exams. They also teach research and library skills so you know where to start with research for your environmental science paper and then how to structure the paper. Group work, debate classes, and presentations are common in American universities. An Academic English Program can also teach you how to contribute to group work and in debate, as well as presentation skills, so you can nail your next project presentation. At the completion of an Academic English Program, you’ll be ready to take on your dream university degree in with gusto!

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