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Affordable ESL Programs in the US

Some Tips for Finding an Affordable ESL Program

The US is not the cheapest place in the world to study English but it is the #1 study abroad destination overall (by a long shot) and with a bit of research, you can find an affordable ESL program that fits your needs and goals.

If you enroll in an affordable ESL program in the US, youll benefit from:

  • Full immersion in a country with a rich history of immigration and diversity. Being immersed in a diverse environment creates opportunity for new perspectives and personal growth.
  • Travel opportunities! Regardless of where you choose to study, youre a drive or short flight from almost any geographic landscape you can think of. Visit oceans, lakes, deserts, mountains, massive cities, small townsthe US has it all.
  • Résumé building experience: If youre seeking an international career, having studied in one of the most influential economies in the world is certainly a plus. You may even have an opportunity to interview in person with some of the worlds biggest companies, many of which are headquartered in the US.

Whether youre seeking English for academic purposes (in order to apply to a US university) or to learn how to teach English in your home country, you can find more affordable ESL programs by doing the following:

  • Consider studying English off-season: The summer months in the US (June-August), while wonderful, are often the more expensive months in terms of rent and even tuition. Airline tickets are generally less expensive in the fall, winter (with the exception of the time around Christmas), and spring months (September – May).
  • Consider destinations youve never heard of: The US is larger than Brazil in land mass and has more than 5,300 universities and colleges. If youve looked into studying in New York City and that looks too expensive, most places in the US have a cost of living at less than half of New York. Have a look at a cost of living index to compare your home city or town with places across the US. You may be surprised to see that there are many affordable options outside of the big cities which bring rewarding cultural experiences off the beaten path.
  • Check to see if the English Program offers scholarships or specials (some school offer discounts) throughout the year. Be sure to ask admissions staff!

Read on for more information about how to find affordable ESL programs in the US and BBRs top tips to make it happen!

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