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What is an Intensive English program?

In its broadest definition, an Intensive English program (IEP) is a program to teach English at an accelerated rate. With most Intensive English programs, students learn faster due to more time in class (12 – 30 hours per week) and to being fully immersed in an English-speaking country (ordering coffee in English, giving the taxi driver directions in English, chatting with your peers in English…full immersion!).

Intensive English study is great for beginners who need to jump start their English competency but also for students about to enter an English-speaking university, businessmen and women seeking career advancement, those planning to take the TOEFL or IELTS, and more.

An Intensive English program can last anywhere from 2 weeks to a year, though most IEP programs (especially those which are connected to a university or college) are closer to 12 to 14 weeks. Intensive English programs exist for children to grandparents, and are offered at beginner to advanced levels.

Types of Intensive English Programs:

General English: Maybe you want to travel to New York or London and speak to locals, maybe you want to watch Friends in its original language, maybe you want to speak to your new boyfriend’s parents in English. Whatever the reason, you want to learn English! General English courses teach reading, writing, speaking, and listening to help you level up your English quickly.

English for Academic Purposes (EAP): If you are planning to study at an English-speaking institution, EAP programs help aspiring students gain the confidence and skills necessary for academic success.

Teacher Training: Intensive Teacher Training courses provide a solid basis for those who want to teach English in their home country (or abroad). You’ll not only perfect your own English, but develop skills for teaching English in a diverse range of environments.

Test Preparation: Whether you’re planning to migrate to Canada or apply to an American university, you’ll likely need to take the IELTS, TOEFL, or Cambridge Exam to prove your English proficiency. Many intensive English programs exist to prepare you specifically for the exam you need to take.  

Short-term and Summer Programs: A favorite time of year across the US is the summer, and many schools offer short-term intensive programs (June through August) so you can immerse yourself in American culture and improve your English. Short-term programs are offered throughout the year, which are typically 2 to 12 weeks long.

Business English: Whether you’re trying to land your dream job which requires you to speak fluent English, or your company is expanding globally and you need to learn English to keep your role, programs teach business professionals the skills needed to communicate in a business context.

Specialized Programs: If your education needs are more specific than English for business, you have options. Let’s say you work in the hotel industry and need English jargon to handle reservations, check out specialized English programs for hospitality. Maybe you’re a doctor planning to practice medicine in an English-speaking country; there are medical English programs designed for you. There are even English programs with niche focuses like finance, technology, and becoming a tour guide. Find a specialized program tailored to your needs and watch your career grow!

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