Studying English in the US—the Importance of the Liberal Arts

6 Reasons to Take Classes in the Liberal Arts while Studying English in the US

Many students are overwhelmed with academic options for studying English in the US, even after fulfilling the requirements of their ESL program. Liberal Arts are worth considering, especially as you further your mastery of English. In fact, even with a rising interest in business and engineering, liberal arts are the most studied disciplines on most college campuses. 

From philosophy and history, to social sciences and economics, there are highly desirable skills and worldwide applications to be learned from the liberal arts. All students benefit from taking such classes, and for international students mastering the English language, they can be particularly important.

Here are a few reasons to take classes in the liberal arts when you study English in the US:

Improve communications skills

Most liberal arts classes require you to study otherspoints of views, however they are communicated, and to then examine with critical thinking. From there you will exercise your own speaking and writing skills to either challenge or agree with that viewpoint.

Expand your vocabulary while studying in the US

As students attend lectures, write papers, and give presentations, the variety of words utilized in liberal arts classes can only increase your understanding of lesser known English terms. Many classes have the bonus of helping students understand American cultural references.

Learn more about arts and culture

A liberal arts education allows for a multi-faceted world view, something that international students often seek when studying abroad. The study of civilizations past and present in greater depth allows insight into the culture, history, and art that shapes us all today.

Follow your passions

No matter your interests, it is likely that liberal arts will allow you to study subjects youre passionate about. Whether it is music, art, the humanities, or language, the opportunity to take myriad courses taught by experts in their fields, is a great portal into exploring your calling.

For example, the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Mississippi has the highest student enrollment on campus, offering a wide variety of bachelor’s programs in literature, philosophy, mathematics, and social and physical sciences. Through its Intensive English Program, the college also offers conditional admission to applicants who have met all requirements for admission to undergraduate study with the exception of English language proficiency.

Set yourself up for career success

Employers frequently cite the ability to think outside the box, be challenged, and communicate efficiently as traits they look for when hiring; studying the liberal arts develops all of these qualities in a student. If you are looking for a holistic education while studying English in the US, taking classes in the liberal arts could be your best bet!

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