A Full-time MBA; A Truly Transformative Education

If youve decided an MBA is right for you, and have been researching programs around the world, youve surely noticed that there is a variety of program types to choose from. So what are the benefits of a full-time MBA?

Business schools have gone to great lengths to provide programs that take into account studentschanging needs related to their schedules, locations, and availability in the form of online and/or part-time programs.

Youve probably come across the following in your research:

  • Full-time MBA
  • Accelerated MBA
  • Distance Learning MBA
  • Blended MBA
  • Global MBA
  • Online MBA

Despite the multitude of MBA programs on the scene, the full-time MBA is still the program of choice for candidates seeking a truly transformative education. Full-time MBA applicants often have 2-6 years of work experience and may be looking to switch careers altogether or gain a serious competitive edge in the job market. And yes, most full-time MBA programs, are full time. Typically, students spend 1-2 years of full-time graduate study on location, leaving their jobs and relocating. And thats where the transformation really begins.

If you ask graduates of Loyola University Marylands Emerging Leaders Full-time MBA program, which is completed in just one year, resoundingly youll hear that the in-person experiential learning opportunities and opportunity to work and study alongside a diverse group of peers (as well as a great curriculum) made all the difference in becoming leaders in their fields.

The Advantages of a Full-time MBA

Your best move is to get clear about your education/career goals and assess a variety of MBA programs to see which would be the best fit. While youre weighing your options, consider some of these advantages of a full-time program:

  1. Internships & work experience: Unlike part-time or remote programs, most full-time MBA programs require students to take part in internships while studying, allowing students to become immersed in new business climates and cultures. Your work experience will make you more marketable, and many students meet their new employers through their internships.
  2. Increase the likelihood of receiving financial aid: According to Poets & Quant, 90% of all graduate business financial aid goes to full-time students.
  3. Reduce the stress of balancing school and work: Need we say more?
  4. Access to on-campus recruiting: If youre studying internationally, being on campus in a new country gives you the best access to on-campus corporate recruiting. Theres nothing like putting a face to your résumé and the opportunity for in-person meetings.
  5. Its all about the connection: In the fully immersive learning environment, youll get to know and interact with colleagues and professors (usually former or current business people, with great management experience) in a way that accentuates your business management capabilities and forges deeper relationships for future networking.

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