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MBA vs. MS

Which Business Degree is Right for You?

While a Master’s in Business Administration degree (MBA) has been the most common path of postgraduate business studies historically, an increasing number of universities are offering Master in Science degrees (MS) in various fields of business.

The Difference in a Nut Shell

The biggest difference between an MBA degree and an MS degree comes down to a full-spectrum business education vs. a specialized one.

MBA programs have courses in myriad subjects such as business strategy, e-commerce, finance, organizational behavior, leadership, and technology that paint the big-picture of the business world, introducing you to a wide range of industry opportunities. Generally, MBA programs are a two-year commitment, although many universities are now offering accelerated programs.

MS programs, on the other hand, usually require half the amount of time as a traditional MBA (sometimes less than a year), could propel you into a higher earning bracket depending on the your specialization, and leave you with a more competitive résumé due to this focus. Some examples of MS degrees are business analytics, management, finance, human resources, economics, and information technology.

But it all really comes down to your area of interest and if you’re crystal clear about the area you’d like to pursue right out of the gates. Once you know your options, you can dive in, ask a ton of questions, and discover which path is best for you.

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