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For students who want to study business at top-ranked US universities without leaving their home country, online education is the golden ticket. Universities work hard to create virtual learning environments that set students up for success in the same way as students who attend courses in personand generally, online education comes with a lower price tag.

How Do Online Programs Work?

Online programs are generally offered through streaming video lectures, online texts, conferencing, and online forums. Programs can be synchronous (requiring students to log in at a certain time), asynchronous (allowing students to complete the course at their own pace), or a mix of both. Lets break it down so you can find the learning style that would be best for you.

Synchronous Learning

In synchronous learning programs, all students are involved simultaneously and learning formats may include virtual classrooms, online chats, or live webcasting. Students who like to interact and process information with others generally thrive with this style of online education. Also, real-time experiences help students who are looking for additional support to grasp concepts.

Asynchronous Learning

In asynchronous learning programs, flexibility is the key as students are able to set their own schedules and follow a self-paced curriculum. Courses generally include discussion forums, email communication, and pre-recorded videos. Asynchronous learning is compatible with self-directed learners who are looking for program flexibility and autonomy yet are still interested in interacting and collaborating with fellow classmates and teachers.


Like on-campus programs, students may also choose from a wide variety of specializations such as business intelligence, strategy, management, analytics, and administration. Some universities even offer emerging specializations as wellsuch as remote management and virtual communicationsproviding students with the most relevant education in todays global business environment.

For students concerned about the validity of an online degree, its always wise to do your homework. According to U.S. News & World Review, here are three questions you should be sure to ask before diving into an online program:

  1. How flexible is the program?
  2. What chances do students get to interact with faculty and peers?
  3. Would you have the same resources as the on-campus program?

Also, look for the programs that are AACSB or ACBSP accredited.

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