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Gaining the Early Advantage

Exploring the Benefits of Undergraduate Business Programs

While many professional degrees in the US can only be studied at the graduate level, business is a field that can be pursued at the undergraduate level—giving determined students a competitive edge when entering the job market or continuing with graduate studies. Also, those students who are unsure about what career they’d like to pursue have the opportunity to explore their options in the business landscape.

Hands-on Learning with a Global Reach

Undergraduate programs are turning their focus to hands-on, practical learning, as well as the development of communication and critical thinking skills in a team setting. Some courses include Microeconomics, Legal and Ethical Environment of Business, Computers and Information Processing, Financial Management, Marketing Management, Organizational Behavior, and Strategic Management and Policy.

The best business schools provide their students with opportunities to gain real-world experience early on through internships focusing on business, investment, or international dynamics. More and more, schools are emphasizing global learning because students with international experience who have cultivated an understanding of business from various cultural standpoints and experience in diverse marketplaces are seen as an asset to a business, organization, or graduate program.

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